Name an ejuice line

My buddy is making a line of ejuices for our shop to carry. Help us think of some names for the line of juices. Or company names. Just throw out any names you can think of Phone Post 3.0

Or any kind of theme for the juice names. Phone Post 3.0

The settled on a car theme. Any juice name ideas? Phone Post 3.0

No replies huh? Try making the title wife is leaving me and watch what happens lol. The og loves soap operas Phone Post 3.0

Exhaust? Phone Post 3.0

Emissions Phone Post 3.0

I expect samples now Phone Post 3.0

Dr. Crimmys is the best ive had. I really liked lighthouse's custard/blueberry juice

Cosmic fog is good too. And namberjuice's donut pounder tastes just like a glazed donut Phone Post 3.0

Mud Runners

Clean emissions / exhaust?

Something to capture the auto theme while at the same time focusing on the (supposed) clean advantage of e-cigs vs. regular yucky smoking. Maybe? No? Screw you!!

Teh OG/ end thread Phone Post 3.0

Once they get it going. I fully plan on making a UG/OG themed juice line for my own personal enjoyment. Phone Post 3.0

And for anybody here that wants a bottle Phone Post 3.0

Blinker fluid! Phone Post 3.0