Name my band

yes, you heard I havent mentioned it because I really wanted to see where it was going and if it was gonna go.

Back in Dec. I got together with two youth pastors(bass player and drummer) and two guys that attend a local church(guitar players}. Me I "sing"...yes I can carry a tune :)

We had been messing around until recently when all the Fest things started taking off...we got more serious..wrote four originals songs

Spider Web: it's about being caught up in sin, and what happens when you can't get out.

 Bones You Have Broken: about psalms 51

Stone Casting: pretty much self explanitory from John 8

I Was Made For War: song about spiritual warfare.

We also are  doing a cover of Holy Diver by Dio :)

and a loud, fast, hard version of The Battle Hymn Of The Republic.

we are actually going to record them. put out a cd locally with all proceeds going to The Son Light House which is a local free food and clothing distubution center for needy people.

but we have no name..and no ideas LOL

If somebody can name us...we'll send you a free cd, a JGF t shirt and beanie hat.

 Think ...What if.... Slayer was a Christian band



We also are  doing a cover of Holy Diver by Dio :)


Just to hear you sing some Dio I may have to make a donation. :)

Btw,  I used to sing in a metal band.

and a loud, fast, hard version of The Battle Hymn Of The Republic.

Sweet.  Have you heard Strypers version?  It is pretty good.

Now the name hmmm.  How about....I will get back to ya.

Stryper?...think Pantera or Slayer doing Battle Hymn of The Republic


thats cool darren, what type of metal? I was mostly into stuff like Megadeth,Testament,Slayer, Metallica, etc.

Why should the devil have all the good music? LOL

Man it is tough to come up with a name.  I remember we would think for hours,days, weeks.

how about Slaytera ;)

How about Covenant?

covenant is cool

one name brought up was Aslan's Call...but I have mixed feelings about it.

thats cool darren, what type of metal?

Priest, Maiden, Sabbath.

I like Megadeath.

how about Slaytera



Aslan's Call?

Sounds good.  What is wrong with it?

I Narniaish I think

Ahhh.  Yeah, you don't want that.  It must be cool.

Blood Brothers

not feeling that one Darren

Okay I am going out to do some yard work.  That will get the creative juices flowin.  I want that beanie.  Gimme time brutha.

Yeah Blood Brothers is a bit ghey.  Just throwin out whatever comes to mind.

yard work?! at 10:30 at night?!


what about ENOCH

sounds metalish, and everyone knows Enoch walked with God.

the rev

8:30 here my man

Enoch...very cool

hate to use the term "Nu Metal" I think we have a real original sound.

like I said we have a Slayer feel to us...but all of us come from really deverse musical backgrounds. Drummer likes punk. Bass player likes Hardcore and metalcore, one guitar player really likes Steve Vai, Satriani(sp?), the other is influenced by Kerry King, Phil Keaggy, Glen Kaiser. Me I can sing...just ask yuki and Aaron :)....but my musical taste is very eclectic..from Pantera to Black Flag, to Third day and Todd Agnew.