Name my injury

Ok was rolling maybe 2 weeks ago and was on my back in guard position.

I turned to my side pretty quickly (for a sweep) and there was a little pop/click around my side/rib area (similar to when you stretch out or pop your knuckles).

It didn't hurt real bad at the time. Still doesn't.
But is sore/uncomforatble if its stressed for example if I was to do a sit up etc.

Restling it without training - but it is getting frustrating - especially with a big tourney coming up which I hoped to enter.

Its a muscle thing - not bone.

Just wondered if anybody had seen this before - knew what it was, had any suggestions, idea of healing time?

'popped' rib.. nothing too bad.. but give it some rest, especially now. once u start rolling dont play your guard, just start on top. i think it usually takes about a month to heal completely but you should be cool to do your normal stuff after a week or so. thats just been my experience.

"Name my injury"

How bout'"Mary"?

ya popped a rib, it's happened to me on a few occasion, getting stacked and twisting in a weird direction. It's a pain in the ass to get rid of, best advice take it easy when you roll, better yet don't roll at all. I tried tapeing it up and rolling but that didn't help much either. 2-3 weeks of light rolling or technique training and you'll be fine.

Bruce ~

Depends where you felt the pop. Possibly where your ribs join the cartilage. If that is where you popped no biggie, just takes time to heal. Not a lot of pain means no break (obviously). Taping does nothing, it is something that was thought to work for years but has been abandoned as a practice for rib injuries. Good luck

I've had this happen three times. Once it was a separated rib--I could actually feel it move around.

The other two times (and this sounds like what you've got here) it was a rib strain. This is a muscle injury apparently common in wrestling as well. My recovery took 6-7 weeks, though I'm 36 and don't heal as quickly as I used to. During that time I stopped rolling, cut back about 50% on weights, ran a lot, and avoided doing anything that caused discomfort. I also found that using a heating pad a couple times a day and taking ibuprofen helped.

When you get back to rolling, start slow and don't overdo it.

Good luck!

you'll probably have a small lump where the rib popped and it won't go away.

Thanks everybody!

'Mary' is still with us - its been about 3 weeks now.

There is no lump or anything.

I have been resting and doing little - gonna start some running and see how it goes.

No constant pain, just a niggle when reaching for seatbelts etc.

Really bad timing more than anything else - a tournament is coming up in about 3 weeks which was gonna make me a star!

Guess that will have to wait.

Costo-Condral Tear. Separation of the rib from the cartilage.

Very annoying. First time I thought I was gonna die. Took 2-3 weeks off and came back easy no problem. second time, I was like..."Here we go again".

Don't try to train through it. It will get worse and pop out more often. Trust me on this.

Opash: I got a lot of relief and healed quicker with a neoprene wrap to stabilize the ribs. They quit popping in and out every time I forgot about them and moved normally.

I have had several guys in my class have the same results
getting back to training faster.

I think you might find one at Walgreens or Walmart for about 20 bucks.

Good luck. 'Mary' can be a bitch.

you my friend, have a twisted testicle.