Name my Podcast

SO the premise is Me and two friends, each episode trying a new whiskey. We are not pros but do attend tastings a couple times a year. We will each also bring in one music video to watch and discuss. Each of us will also bring in one guest each episode to join us. We won't tell who we are bringing ahead of time so it will be a surprise to the other two hosts. I will dig into my personal contacts and try to get musicians and actors (if they will do it).

We will record in my buddies "Man Cave" which houses full drum set and other instruments.

Anyway, either flame away and or help me name this train wreck.

The Train Wreck?

No ideas for a podcast name but good luck to you! 

Whiskey Dicks


MarcusAurelioFan -

Whiskey Dicks

There it is 

The Barrel Aged Podcast

I like the suggestions so far. I'll choose the top 10 or so and put a poll up and gather votes.

Thanks for the suggestions so far!

Super Mash Bros.

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