Name one thing that isn’t more expensive under Democrats

I stand corrected, carry on


Anything another democrat will openly steal

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That’s for a woman you really hate.

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American currency
Flights to Afghanistan
Fake green cards(no longer needed)

Getting fucked in the ass

So the govt controls prices.

Got it

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Under this logic every president has increasingly gotten worse as the price of oil has consistently risen.

Jimmy Carter was twice the president Trump was?


The cost of committing a crime.


Weed tbh

If the govt doesn’t control prices the WTF ya bitching about?

Black market weed is pretty cheap right now

being homeless
anything in a CVS

What rates are the taxpayers paying for the “free” DNC crack pipes and covid shots though…. It wouldnt surprise me if these are increasing as well

The Gateway Pundit, again.

Well, now I know OP is serious. Because why else would he back up his take linking to the least credible news source on the web outside of the @MAGABobPWNLibs Twitter feed.

Haha yup. Bidens knocking it out the park there sparky.

This doesn’t even make sense. Conspiracies have made you dumb. I always liked your posts in the past.

Maybe a bot took over your account too. If not I think the OG is proving there is correlation to decreased critical thinking in culture warriors

Will work for electricity

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did you look at any actual data based graphs prior to this post ?

housing going up is bad ? for who poors ? I hope it goes to the moon.