Name The Worst Gaming Ideas Ever (gameplay)

What are the worst ideas implemented in a game?

I just can't get around the inability to use a weapon and a flashlight at the same time in Doom 3. Luckily a mod was created, but the whole idea that ID wanted to restrict flashlight use to make the gamer more terrified was just pure garbage. One of the worst ideas in gaming history.

There are so many that are so common that we couldn't list them all. What always kills me is when game designers want to have an open feel to a level but don't want you wandering out into that area put a knee-high obstacle that impedes your movement. Your character can be a bad-ass superman but he can't take a step up a small rock.

One thing I hated about Dragon Age is when you get an item. It'll give you the message 'Item Received' but won't tell you what it is. You will then need to scroll through your whole inventory to see what that item was.

Quick time button pressing sequences. It's like a modern version of Simon. And Simon kind of sucked.

Quick time events, enemies you cannot defeat when you run into them. Giving the player a bad ass weapon with almost no ammo available. Basically pretty much everything the jackasses that created crysis did.

Escort Missions

Un-skippable cut scenes.

quick time button sequences are just garbage...they may have seemed like a great idea but they just arent any fun to play..

 ^^ Sounds like a lot of you aren't excited for Heavy Rain.

Shibbytastic and Fatchristmagic hit my two biggest peeves.

I also fail to see any good reason for not being able to customize your controls (e.g., s/t like Afro Samurai where if you move the right-side stick to the left, your character looks to the right, which is of course the exact opposite of every other fucking game out there....and you can't change that.)

Un-winnable battles that do not restore your inventory. Nothing worse than using your best items or depleting something on a battle that you think is just hard when it is actually un-winnable.

I fully share in the hatred of QTEs.

"Real-time menu scramble"

This was used in some of the more recent Final Fantasy games, like Crystal Chronicles, FF10X, and even in Kingdom Hearts (calling your special summons).

It's having to navigate a traditional branching menu to choose actions and items, BUT the game play doesn't stop. I hated it in Crystal Chronicles and it made me stop play FF10X after only half an hour of gameplay.

splitting up "the group" missions

escort missions

turn based combat.

orcus -  ^^ Sounds like a lot of you aren't excited for Heavy Rain.

heavy rain is at least doing something new with QTE's in that there are degrees of success and failure...and that changes the way the course of the battle goes instead of it just being a black'n'white success or failure.

But for the most part I share everyone's hatred of QTE's.

the way jumping works in console games like assains creed 2, prince of persia. or fucked up camera angles.

simple games that have turned into flight simulators. games like pro evolution soccer, fifa , madden etc.

chess can be only played with 2 fingers. yet it is more complicated then any of the above games.

and i could go on and on.

problem is these days. we have great programmers, but terrible game designers. except the ones at nintendo. and everybody is thinking how the fuck can nintendo makes so much money.

well it is easy. when you create games you dont have to worry which button to press because it all feels natural.

This thread made me sad as I love QTE's. Especially those in the Shenmue series.


Escort missions.

Stealth missions in action games.

shibbytastic - Escort Missions

They're not so bad if they either are strong enough to fend for themselves or stay the fuck out of the way. It's a problem when they are neither.