Name The Worst Gaming Ideas Ever (gameplay)

 Im having that issue with BioShock 2 now.

Im a hulking behemoth with guns and a giant drill but a standard door stops me dead in my tracks?

^At least with Bioshock, you can make the argument that all the doors & windows were made to withstand the extreme pressures of the deep sea, but I hear ya; that doesn't explain wooden apartment doors in shantytown, or shit visibly piled against the other side of the door. A single dresser bureau is stopping me from getting into that room? Really??? I should be able to just drill through the damn wall if I want to. Doesn't cost you anything more to just have an empty room on the other side.

I've complained about this on other Bioshock 2 threads, but there's really no reason that shouldn't have been an open sandbox game. All the bosses were pretty much the same. Let the train operate unimpeded. Let me go wherever I want & take on the missions in the order I choose except for the final boss; doesn't change anything about the development of the game & lets everyone feel like they're in a much larger, much realer environment.

Most single player FPS have this problem; it's so irritating. Rainbow 6 Vegas - I'm running an elite SWAT team that can fastrope buildings, but I can't hop a police barricade made out of sawhorses? Really?

 R6 Vegas 1 and 2 kicked major ass.

I actually failed a mission in MW2 by walking too far from where they wanted me. WTF is that?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Rainbow 6 Vegas, it's just that like slippy said, the developers obviously want to have an open feel to the map, but they still want to railroad you down a corrider toward the one & only objective, that shit just never works. It feels exactly like what it is - a painful compromise.

When the only thing stopping me from leaving the immediate scene is a pile of sawhorse parade police barricades, & I'm running an elite military police squad, c'mon; that shit doesn't fly in any context. I would MUCH rather have a timer or a "You're walking the wrong way - Mission cancelled" script in that scenario.

Almost universally in these kinds of games, there's nothing special about the screenplay that it has to happen in an exact order. Why can't we just open sandbox through them? For sure limit the travel or the time once a mission/critical action starts, but please quit dragging me through one long single corrider for the entire duration of a game.

 I hate the heartbeat sensor in MW2.

Transparent pandering to the noob crowd. No such thing exists in real wars.

Turn based combat, I hate that the most!

And escort missions...

I hated in Super Paper Mario the level where you are stuck in some factory, and you have to run on a treadmill for like 20 minutes! WTF WAS THAT ABOUT!!!