Name this monkey at EliteXC fighter check-in...

EliteXC CBS In and Around Fighter Check-in
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http://www. combatlifestyle. com/pics/view_album. php?id=879

oh, come on guys....

Mayhem or Loco?

Close Heddy... close... lol

 Looks like Gabe Ruediger.He`s my guess.


Heddy -

Mayhem or Loco?

I will never wear those shoes.



Clogs are in bro. Get with the program. Geez!


FP101 - Chonan?

was my guess as well

funnyclipsrealmonkeydoingkungf.gif picture by TheDropper 

Another vote for Ryo!




Give us a hint: Weight Class?

It's Nick Serra - he'll need a mask after his fight with Makowski.

 Yep its Nick Serra


Yep, nice. The chain and the monkey on the shirt confirm it.

Where did Nick Serra get a Forrest Griffin mask?