Name your top 10 comedy movies since 2000

My top picks from this list
1. Ted
2. Superbad
3. Borat
4. Meet the Fockers
5. Euro Trip
6. Shaun of the Dead
7. Road Trip
8. This is the End
9. Accepted
10. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Borat should easily be at the #1 spot on that list. Phone Post 3.0

Also, wheres the Hangover or Team America? Phone Post 3.0

Haven't seen Team America.


Hot Tub was pretty good. 

In no particular order..

1. Death at a funeral
2. The Hangover
3. Superbad
4. Me, Myself and Irene
5. Old School
6. Kick-ass
7. Bad Santa
8. 40 year old Virgin
9. Click
10. American Pie 2 Phone Post 3.0

Superbad. 1 Phone Post 3.0

Meet the fockers over meet the parents? I thought the sequel was shit. Phone Post 3.0

Walk Hard Phone Post 3.0

Ted as number one and "haven't seen" Team America?

Hi Seth.

Division III: Football's Finest
On Netflix Phone Post 3.0

In going to get a lot of shit for this but Bridesmaids is in my top 5.

Others are Your Highness, and This is the End, 49 year old virgin. Phone Post 3.0

Off the top:

Next Friday & Friday After Next

The Other Guys

Pineapple Express

Top 5

The Amateurs

Burn After Reading

Pootie Tang


Welcome To Collinwood

Sex drive, American pie the wedding, superbad, team America, borat, role models, bad neighbours, deadpool (I laughed fuck loads so I'm classing it) wedding crushers. No particular order. Phone Post 3.0

I love you man
She's out of my league
Euro trip
Super bad
Team America
Next Friday

Off the top of my head while shitting Phone Post 3.0

What in the actual fuck guys. Not one of you had


The rest would be

Super Troopers
Team America
Step Brothers
The Hangover
Old School
Death at a Funeral (original British version)
Wedding Crashers Phone Post 3.0

Shaun of The Dead is my favorite comedy ever. Phone Post 3.0

What the fuck? No one's mentioned Tropic Thunder? Phone Post 3.0

Idk if it's top 10 since then but I think the other guys deserves a mention.

And of course fucking Step Brothers. Phone Post 3.0

Also, super troopers anyone? Phone Post 3.0

This is the end is probably my favorite comedy of all time Phone Post 3.0