named ranges for access tables???

i have an excel spreadsheet that has these headings

Date| WeekEnded| BlankRow | ProgramID | ProgramName | DailyActivities |ProgramActivities | Hours |

i currently have a database table with the same fields.. i used a named range (=Input!$A$9:$H$29) in excel to define my data and then put it into the table and it works fine...

here is the problem.. i dont want to include "programname" in the table but i do want it in the excel spreadsheet i tried to use a named range skipping that field in excel (=Input!$A$10:$D$29,Input!$F$10:$H$29) ... now when i execute my code ...(DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, "tblData", F, True, "Test") says it cant find the object 'test'

is there a reason why i couldnt use a selected range like that?

thanks for the help

winxp pro
office 2003