Nancoo & Hesson on upcoming,,,,

Thought I would let the forum know that Richard MONKEY Nancoo and Gavin HEAVY METAL Hesson will have there submissions from the first OSWI on the upcoming DVD by called "101 Submissions. Volume 2!"

Congrats guys!

Monkeys guilotine is event featured on the preview of the disc!

Look for an upcoming OSWI DVD from in the near future as well!

great news! Congrats to gavin.

you have an email coming your way liborio

That is awesome!

but what about Rowan's winning kimura submission from OSWI 1?

Unfortunately Rowans kimura didnt make the cut! When you see the video you will know why!




Someone needs to get them Menjivar's cartwheel guard pass into kneebar from last year's Tristar...

rene,R, if you have footage of that match I can always send it in for them to add in the next vid or on the website!

Very cool!