Nancy Pelosi's Husband Busted For DUI

The corruption is disgusting

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Just more ammo when dems try and say the right are the corrupt ones. I had one today try and say that the left are the ones trying to preserve gun rights and free speech. They’re just delusional.


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If they at least kept the trial open, all this other bullshit wouldn’t maybe seem so bad. But all the incestuous players, swapping judges, and then to close the proceedings? So fucking slimy. And we just sit here and take it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

That is straight out of House of Cards.

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My girlfriend’s Mom is on another level when it comes to being political.

She brought up the Pelosi guy’s old DUI that killed his brother and was concerned it would be used by Republicans in the future.

I fucking hate politics.

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It was a guy, the dude reading the teleprompter in the video kept saying he when he talked about the passenger.

I’m all for hammering Pelosi for everything they can but Watters is kind of a dumb-dumb. CVC 23153 can be a felony or misdemeanor. Most counties in CA file felony when there was serious bodily injury, which is a legal term. Headaches and being treated by a doctor doesn’t constitute SBI.

The judge swap looks shady (and very well could be) but I think this is only at prelimimary hearing stage. Changing courtrooms is common early on. I hate when any news agency plays loose with the facts and I’ll call out whomever does it.

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What if it was a guy hooker?

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That wouldn’t be surprising. We also don’t know his age. Maybe he was diddling a little boy while drunk.

The democrat party and the media are the same people. Obama coukd strait up murder someone and it wouldn’t be in the paper and very few DAs would prosecute.
The country that we had is over. If Pelosi was a Republican the media would be destroying this man and he’d do time. But nothing will happen.
It amazes me that moderate Dems don’t demand that this stuff stop.
It amazes me that they didn’t defend Kyle Rittenhouse.
We all knew that the charges were political.
But they didn’t. So essentially a country run by the people is long dead. This is the elites country now and nothing we can do.
It trump ran again and won there is no way the media would say he won. Now nothing left ti do but see the country go down the drain.
And try to find a way to survive it

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