Naoya Ogawa on Pride site, in GP?

He is on the Japanese Pride website today and he is tearing up a poster. Is he in the Pride GP now? Can someone translate please? My guess is that if he is in he will fight either Silva or Sentoryu, beat thm and then drop out of the tourney...

He's in, rumored opponent is Sentoryu. If he wins then drops out, maybe a real fighter can take his place for the next round.

ogawa lost to golberg! goldberg should be in instead!!!!, he'll never fight.

Nacerima- I can see this. He could actually beat Sentoryu for real and the drop out to avoid a good fighter.

This is a major problem i have with Pride, Takada and Ogawa's very existence bothers me

this is why i love Tamura for knocking the piss out of Takada