Naples BJJ

Naples Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has moved from the location in Bonita Springs.

We are now located at 9331 Tamiami Trail North #23 (right behind Joe's Diner) in Naples. If you are in SW Florida/ Naples and looking for a place to train BJJ, check us out.

We are affiliated with The Straight Blast Gym via Coach Luis Gutierrez.

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Not even a sympathy ttt?


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groundfighter2000 gets the same prize my wife gets.

Brace yourself.....this is gonna hurt.

just curious, when did you guys open your school?

I lived in Naples for about a year for work (2001/2002) and the only thing I could find was this group of hard-headed, tough-guy, muscle-bound cops who said that I (and others) couldn't train with them because of the litigation factor if someone gets hurt.

I told them don't worry - I'll take it easy on them.

They didn't like that.


I trained long distance in Ft Lauderdale with the Popovitch crew from 1997 until the end of 2001. To my knowledge, there wasn't anyone in town training except some muscle heads at Gold's Gym. I don't think any of them were cops.

I trained at the Florida Karate Center until the end of 2002 when we had a Nova Uniao Black Belt (Marcelinho Pereira) in town. When he left, I took over teaching. We had some big guys there as well but most of them wanted to train no gi and fight in the cage. They ended up going with Crafton's class.

We are a totally different group and I am happy to say that when good BJJ players come to town, they seem to end up training with us. Not bad for no advertising.

ttt for me.


"To my knowledge, there wasn't anyone in town training except some muscle heads at Gold's Gym"

I think that was them, that's where I met them...maybe just some of them were cops (not that I'm anti-cop; I just threw that in there in case you heard of them).

TTT for you, bastid.

I almost took a job in Naples; for what it's worth, I woulda trained with your crew. Oh yeah, TTT


If you ever get back down here, look us up!

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FJJ828, Eduardo de Lima's top student Lucas is in Naples.  He was the heavy weight purple belt champion at the 2005 Pan Ams.  I'll let him know you are opening the school.


Have him e-mail me ASAP.

TTT for Naples BJJ!!!

Thanks Luis, Mike and all my brothers who have helped me keep this thread alive without ttt'ing in myself the whole time!


(I learned this Rob Kahn)

Hi Rob!