Napoleon Dynamite

"Eat your ham TINA!"

"yes"- pedro


this movie is hilarious, people who don't like it are idiots...


Napoleon Dynamite Fact - The hot chick who goes to Uncle Rico at the end is in fact married to the guy who played Kip.


Haley Duff.... aka..... Summer was hot!

"Damn, if only I could go back in time.  1982!"


You think anybody wants to get ax-kick while I'm wearing these pants?

Taht being said thi movie has been the subject of no less than 8 threads on the OG. And this one will probably be sent there, too.

TTT for Napolean Dynamite.

dude, I was gonna make a thread about this today - weriod. I watched about half of it last night - funny shit.

"its probably the best drawing I ever done."

I won't send it there because of the Rex Kwon Do reference.

That's fight related. ;)

"But my lips hurt real bad."


"ever go off any sweet jumps?"

"its pretty much my favorite animal"

"in 82 i could throw a pigskin a quarter mile....swear to god, how much you wanna bet i could throw a football over them mountains" best movie eva, oh VOTE FOR PEDRO, eric

the link above has vid clips from the movie.

You think anybody wants a roundhouse kick to the face while I'm wearing these badboys?.....forget about it

How long is a "season" in the octagon?

"You will learn the techniques that I perfected in over two seasons in the octagon!"

"You will learn the techniques that I perfected in over two seasons in the octagon!"

I started laughing at that as well. 300 bucks for 8 weeks with a guy who claims the UFC has seasons?

"Besides we both know I'm training to be a cage fighter. Come at me." - Keyboard Warrior Kip.

Then he gets slapped and whines like a little girl.

Also when Napoleon gets shoved into his locker and throws that god awful kick like ten seconds after the guy has walked away was funny as hell.

I also liked right at the beginning.

"What are you gonna do today Napoleon?"


Cut it out Napoleon! You're bruising my neckmeat!

Gotta be one of the best movie quotes ever. . .

"So what did you do this summer napoleon"

"I went to alaska with my uncle and went hunting for wolverines...gawd"

"What kind of gun did you use"

"A freakin 12 gauge, what do you think"

Favorite movie.. so good..

"took me three hours to shade in the upper lip, prolly the best job i've ever done"

"girls want guys with skills, i dont have any skills"

"your stuff is in my locker, you might wanna come get it because i cant fit my nunchuks in there any more"

Kid on Bus:"wut are you gonna do today Napoleon?"
Napoleon: "whatever I want, gawwd"

"are you drinking 2% milk because you think your fat? cause your not, you could be drinking whole if you wanted too"

"Napoleon, give me your tots!!"