NASCAR season started now

So what do you guys think?

Is the new point system good or bad?

Will Nextel be a good sponser?

Can Dale Jr. win the points championship this year?

I like the new system with a playoff type for the last 10 races. I think the 10 races leading up to the final 10 will set drama around the drivers in 8-18 in the points, making for some interesting racing in the end of the races. Imagine you are in 20th or so and 11th in the points, do you stop and play the gas milage going for the win in a race with 5 weeks to go before the last 10 races? Or do you race for a top 20 finish and try to move ahead of the 2 in front of you so that you can be in the top 10.

I think Nextel will be a good sponsor also. They seemed to hae their shit together this weekend. I was super happy that I was able to log-on with my laptop at the race today. they had the mobil trucks out there that will provide cell phone signals also for tracks that are in remote areas.

I hope that little E can pull this out this year. He seems to hae a more level head in all the interiews leading up to the race this weekend and when I talked with him this weekend he was way more alert about the big picture instead of focusing on 1 race at a time. He reminded me of the older drivers in the sense that you have to (or used to) shoot for a top 10 finish in each race instead of worrying about finishing first as much as possible.

(sorry about the spelling guys, its been a long, fun weekend)

Great race on sunday

Glad to see Junior get the win, i am looking forward to this season

I agree i think Nextel will do a good job for them this year, from what i saw over the weekend things look to be good

I am finally heading to my first race! i'll be heading down the Michigan to catch some of the action

Anyone else heading the michigan or hitting any other races up?

They did the right thing in knowing the points allocation needed fixing but they really needed to have the points differential between positions be a lot larger. I don't ever want to see someone win the championship without a single first place finish again.

toyota got 2nd place in the craftsman series race.

uh oh.


Ponyboy: I totally agree. My suggestion was to score it where the low total wins. First place would be worth -5, second -4, third -3, fourth -2, fifth -1, sixth 0, and so on. Then, at the end of the year, your worst five finishes would be dropped. That would mean that even up until the very end of the last race you may not know who was the winner.

aklallstar, not a bad system at all, i am not one for point systems, i prefer simple systems top 3 get points or something, although that would never work in nascar

Do you guys follow nascar a lot? who's your favorite driver

I like tony stewart or junior

I like KH and Little E.

I actually through that idea out there to some people I know in NASCAR and they liked it, it was just way to radical of a change from what they had last year for it to work.