Nash says he'd swim than fish

In fact, the whole team agrees.

I guess it beats them when they are actually playing...


The real reason Duncan performs so well in the postseason is he wants to spend as little time with the family as possible, so he does everything he can to shorten his off time.

Pop on the other hand understands the importants of keeping loved ones close


And ol cheap shot bob really does not care what people think of him


I'm more cut than T.O.

oh and lol at those photoshops

wow, who knew T.Ownes was sociable

LMFAO!!!!! Mainly at the fact that Brian's been such a bitch and is getting owned on his hypocritical thread.

LOL! How am I being a bitch? And i'm sorry Spurs don't go whining to the media and after games. They just don't.

yeah but they are the biggest INGAME bitches in the league today. That is a fact.