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What are some good suburbs of Nashville? Thoughts on Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville?

Both are nice I just bought a house on Thursday about 25 miles north of downtown nashville in-between springfield and coopersville. More rural area which is what I wanted. Franklin and nolensville as well as Murfreesboro are all great locations.

Depends on your budget. The best areas inside Nashville are 12south/belmont green hills/oak hill/forest hills, and certain parts of bellevue, belle meade is the nicest area.

Around 400 to 600k range. I don’t want to be in Nashville proper but somewhere about 20 to 30 minutes out where, if I wanted to, going into Nashville wouldn’t be a chore. An area with hot milfs would be nice too.

All of nashville has hot milfs baby. I live about 30 min from there.

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Bellevue and Franklin are nice. Mt Juliet is pretty good, but feels so packed with traffic and neighborhoods.

You doing the family thang? Looking for good school districts? Single and ready to mingle? Want the Green Acres experience?

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Family thing. Young kid so, ideally, an area with families where the kids aren’t all off to college so he can grow up with people the same age. No hipster areas but more professional type would be ideal. But laid back because I’m not trying to be where everyone is concerned with keeping up with Joneses.

I spend a lot of time in Bellevue (gym, running trails, hill running, eating in restaurants, etc) and really like the vibe. It is really family oriented and can be laid back. When i go to the river trail, it almost all hot soccer moms and happy-looking families.

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That’s exactly what i’m talking about. I’ll check it out. I see from looking on the map that it’s close to Brentwood. How does it compare/differ from Brentwood. I appreciate the insight.

Brentwood is great. But you had better be packing a BIG checkbook. Lots of rich folks and county music stars live there

If you wanna get a little further out from the city, i have several friends (they all have kids) that live in Kingston Springs. It’s a little more country, but everyone there brags about the schools. One of my buddies there is a coach for several of the kids sports rec teams. It’s a big thing there.

I’m doing okay in the checkbook department BUT (and it’s a big but) I value living below my means. I prefer it actually. I don’t need to be around rich people or stars. I like making money but I don’t like to show it off if that makes sense. I’ll look into Bellevue more.

Yeah broseph - wasn’t implying anything. Just clumsily trying to highlight that is an expensive and over-priced (imo) area

There are several of Ogers in the area - don’t hesitate to shoot me or someone else a PM if we can help

I didn’t take it that way. I visited once already and checked out both Mt. Juliet and Hendersonville and they both were fine but I figured I’d turn to the OG and see if there are other areas I should definitely check out.

Looking at, Bellevue inventory is super low. Crazy low.

Live in Mount Juliet, actually grew up here. So much different than even 5 years ago. Also just moved out of Hendersonville to be closer to family.

Hendersonville has a Sam’s and you can actually get the same amount of house for probably 50k less than you can in Mount Juliet. However Vietnam Vets is your only highway and it gets hella cramped if there’s any traffic. Mount Juliet is just off of a 40, and you are close to 840 if you want to go SW or SE once you get to 24.

Generally, for raising a family you’re good either way. Hendersonville is close to Madison which has a dying mall and a lot of poverty with mostly immigrant and low income residents, but enough distance that you don’t get any runoff at the moment. Then it gets to East Nashville after a few miles and is hella Gentrified. Mount Juliet is right next to Hermitage, which is actually alright as far as crime and income so no real negatives. The next town over east is Lebanon and is country.

Franklin shits on both of them and has the best schools in the state. They have their own historic areas and a mall called the Factory which is nice. Better dining and shopping options, but at least 50k more than Mt. Juliet for the same house and less land.

For perspective, I sold a 3000 sq. ft. house in Hendersonville for 400k on a .45 acre lot last December, spent 450k on a 2500 sq. ft. house with an acre lot in Mount Juliet, and if I wanted anything close to either in Franklin I’d be looking at least 550k.

edit: One thing already mentioned, take whatever the sticker price is, and add 10% if you want to have a shot at getting whatever house you’re going after because competition is going to be hella stiff anywhere within 25 miles of Davidson county.

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Appreciate the detail.

Live in Hendersonville, technically sumner county because I’m outside the city limits. Love it here. It’s country enough for me but still close enough to everything. But the one downside is the traffic on 65. 65north in the afternoon and lately even on the weekends is ridiculous.

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I live in Mount Juliet and love it here. Just opened a gym here too.

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