Nasty arm break in judo *vid*

it looks like he got disqualified

Disqualification awarded but should be an Emmy nomination awarded in there as well.

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That technique always has the possibility of hyper extending the arm unless you stabilize it into the sholder

(but that's when you're bein nice.) His pain was only matched by his shocked indignation at being pwned by a korean.

There's another vid out there of this same technique in mma, much worse hyperextension, instantly ends the fight. Somebody dig it up.

Which rule did he break?

play with the bull and you get the horns..........

Which rule did he break? - you can't use a locked out joint to throw with. By streching his arm across his chest and falling on it he did just that.

Damn he cranked that too - and screw him for being a bad sport, the other guy tries to shake his hnad (he should have punched him), and he refuses. That's BS.


he fell on his arm. is what he did considered illegal in judo?

Armlock takedowns are illegal in judo.

two posts up buuda and you'll get your answer

That was a very deliberate move. I could see the IJF suspending him for a few comps for that. Anyone know what happened after that?