Nasty Heel Hook Picture (pic)

Is it just me or is the wrong guy screaming here? 

what in the world are you talking about?

1) it looks like the guy on the right doesn't have any leg lock applied

2) the guy on the left is using the flat part of his forearm half way up the guy's calf

3) the guy on the right is tapping and prominantly showing off his UFC gloves


sorry bro but, it looks like a straight ankle lock that is too high on the leg. it does look like he is screaming though.

yes, the guy being put in a leg lock is screaming

If you look here the guy on the lefts thigh is facing out, the back of his calf is also, as well as his toes.  his leg has been broke in at least three spots IMO.

no, not really

here is the previous photo in the series

The guy on the right's ankle is in a bad way.

The Tinkler come on now.... some of these gross ones shouldnt be shown.  There could be kids on here.... :)

I guess I'm blind but it doesn't look like anything. The guy on the Left has his left leg str and the guy on the right has his leg to far high on the calf for a sub. ( from what I see from the picture)

There is nothing to see. Thats why.

heel hook by confusing black and white photo

Seriously, if you look at the dude on the right's right knee, on the left hand side of that right knee, you can see the right side of his ACL pushing left. Alright?  Any questions left?

I have two questions, Mike.  Where are you getting that good stuff from?  And where can I get some?


Its been a looong work week John, too much time on the computer ...

I think this was seriously my first trolling.  I see why it is addictive. :)

throws up in self's mouth

I would hate to be self

Self is in for a rude awakening




Since it's your first time, I let it slide.  When are you headed back up here?