Nate Diaz Doing Nate Diaz Best Trash Talking Moments

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When Nate Diaz rose to MMA stardom surrounding two fights with Conor McGregor, he was only showing the wider world what hardcore MMA fans already knew. Whether on the mic or in the cage, the Diaz bros. have long been two of MMA’s most fascinating and polarizing talents.

And while Nick Diaz carved out his legacy as a championship level fighter in Showtime’s Strikeforce organization, Nate made his mark clawing his way up through the UFC’s lightweight and welterweight divisions.

The younger Diaz first came to notoriety in season 5 of the Ultimate Fighter. Winning the tournament and the ‘six figure’ contract with a TKO over future bantamweight Manny Gamburyan in the season finale. In 2012, he challenged Ben Henderson for the UFC lightweight title. But, despite having nearly 30 fights under his belt by the time he fought Conor McGregor in 2016, it wasn’t until those bouts with the ‘Notorious’ Irishman, that he truly ascended to star status.

Now one of MMA’s most recognizable figures, the folks over at Combat Culture have put together a highlight reel of Stockton’s own—ahead of his upcoming welterweight fight against Leon Edwards. But it’s not his fighting prowess on display. Instead it’s the best of Diaz’s other notable talent: trash talking opponents outside the cage. Check it out, and let us know if there are any highlights from Nate’s long career missing in the comments.

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