Nate Diaz Got PAID!

Each win by sub or stoppage, you get a bonus of 5,000 dollars.

Sub'ed Emerson, Hill, and Gray. Plus the 1,000 from the ping pong game.

in 5 1/2 week span Nate made 16,000 dollars. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Seemed like a cool guy. Good for him.

damn good point. that is way more than dana will pay him per fight

It's a good thing, since Nick won't be contributing anything to the Diaz family fortune while he serves out his suspension...

Good thing theres no way you can rip him off

He earned it, and impressed his boss and the fans.

I was on pins and needles during the entire fight. Mostly, because not much credit is given for sub attempts and work from the back.

I like how Nate stays composed and just keeps working his game. He doesn't pull an Andy and start swinging wildly for the fences.

I'm sure he has a great future in the sport, and I will always be watching, just like Jens said.

Plus he got his regular pay for being on the show. Nice 6 weeks worth of work I'd say.

Classy ??

Shit, I forgot about that.

Diaz made that show worth watching imo. TTT for the Diaz bros

Nate and Nick both deserve / should be in the UFC

"Nate and Nick both deserve / should be in the UFC"

Agreed 1000%

Ya, before they head out to the professional motivation circuits to give talks, they should definitely work on their ability to convey a verbal message.

I know that is what Chuck Liddel has done, and look at what it has done for his carreer.

Someone forward this thread to both individuals because there are some important points of critique swirling about.

The newer TUF members certainly bring a fresh-eye to all of these situations.

Nate is tough and I can't wait to see him fight next year! I hope they take their time with him because the kid is going to be a force in the 55 division.


Nate was great for the show, and performed well. I am pulling for him in the final.

I like Nate.. He has attitude, but in a good way.