Nate Diaz is a Legend

A Fighter through and through.


Nate is a pot smoking dork who whines about rules and lost to a Disney kid


He showed retard heart in that performance and little else as usual.

King of the Homer Simpson strategy.


I think Diaz has brain damage. He sounds like a drunk guy.


nate has always been a wack packer

I love that man, but I always wonder what could have been if he wasn’t playing about. Leon Edwards, this boxing match.

Jake is making smart choices though. If he’s continuing down the washed up MMA road, let’s see Masvidal, Darren Till, Mike Perry…


Too much touch butt in the park.

Masvidal makes sense. But he won’t put on gloves.

Nate seemed like he could have pressed a lot harder and had a better fight. I think he based a lot of assumption on Jake being a lot worse, which was very naive. He’s young and hungry, determined and disciplined. Nate looked awful against an awful looking Tony Ferguson.


That Disney kid would have turned your arse into grass and made out like a lawnmower.


Mas is interesting cat, isnt he started as amateur boxer?
Perry may even KO the Paul lol


retard heart is the only funny thing you’ve ever posted on here

Isn’t he started as amateur boxer? My god, this horrendous grammar is killing me

Bitch please I’m the GOAT.

The only reason you don’t find me funny is because you’re the butt of my jokes.

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Nah you’re not funny and not the GOAT of anything, but retard heart is great


Didn’t seem like he was trying at all.

He was there to make money and build his promotion. Why do you think that they were all friendly after the fight. It’s a business thing.


He certainly would do better than Nate.

A bunch of over the hill fighters doing half ass training camp vs a young very fit boxer training and having camps like a professional camp. No surprise here.

Say what you want about Paul but he’s committed to be the better fighter than these guys he is hand picking (don’t be fooled, he picks not punchers to fight)(Silva doesn’t count at this point and he was paid too well). He is killing it in the gym like a professional fighting for a title.

With the exception of Fury, none of his wins are against anyone who trained seriously and trained as a real boxer.

People who pay for this are fools. It’s a promotional show for Paul to entertain and make money. People he fight either are getting paid to straight out lose or don’t take the match for anything but a paycheck


Nate Diaz sucks. He’s a skinny fat half a cholo. His fans like his persona - which is gay as fuck.

Got his ass beat. Knew he would.

Total irrelevance is his new norm.

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Pretty bad fight, Atleast make it somewhat entertainable and believable. Put some kind of effort in. I hate these gimmick fights.