Nate Diaz Purse vs. Jake Paul Expected To Dwarf McGregor Rematch, Potentially Exceed Entire MMA Earnings

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It was to be expected that Nate Diaz would be making more than he ever has in one night, in his boxing match with Jake Paul. However, the true extent of this payday may be bigger than he’s made from his entire time spent fighting in the UFC.

Diaz opted to fight out his UFC contract, testing the waters of free agency for the first time since signing with the promotion in 2007, specifically so he could purse the biggest payday of his career by facing Paul in a boxing match. Considering the fact that the Stockton native had massive paydays against the likes of Conor McGregor and Jorge Masvidal, this was a tall order, but one that the YouTuber turned boxer was more than capable of fulfilling.

Nate Diaz To Earn Life-changing Payday Against Jake Paul

As it turns out, Nate Diaz not only scored the biggest single check of his entire career as a fighter, but he may be earning more than he has in all of his UFC fights combined. John Nash of Bloody Elbow recently reported some estimates of how much the former title challenger is expected to make by fighting Jake Paul.
Speaking with Zach Rosenfield, Diaz’s representative, Nash was able to confirm that a big portion of where Nate is able to earn so much comes from the fact that he and Paul are partners and co-promoters for the fight. This means that “Diaz will be getting a cut of everything: The pay-per-view, which they are partnering with DAZN for; The commercial (bar) pay-per-views; Tickets, with the gate projected to be over $3 million; Merchandise. And all levels of sponsorships, both in and out of the ring.”
Furthermore, Nash went on to estimate that the amount Diaz will earn will likely be well into the 8-figure range, far exceeding the $4 million Diaz is reported to have made from his second fight with Conor McGregor, the biggest fight of his UFC run. In fact, depending on how the fight performs on pay-per-view, Nash is predicting that Nate Diaz could earn more than he has throughout his entire run in the UFC, combined.

“Depending on how well it sells on pay-per-view it could also possibly match or eclipse his entire career’s earnings in MMA (between $15 million to $20 million according to my estimation.)” Nash reported.
If these estimations end up being as accurate as John Nash is reporting, this is certainly a lucrative opportunity for Nate Diaz, and well worth the struggles he may have faced while leaving the UFC. It will be interesting to see how this impacts his future in fighting and the chances of a potential UFC return.

Im Buying Stockton MF

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60$ ppv…if nate gets 10$ per …that adds up fast.

Good for Nate. I didn’t care for his antics much and then I met him at a restaurant in Sacramento and he was a great dude.


N8 Deserves a HUGE Paycheck. Been doing this 2 Decades plus

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I was gonna buy to support nate

But dazn required 12 month subscriptions just to buy fuck that there ppv is so crooked


Lol the majority of his paycheck will come from ppvbuys. Then somehow coming up with a magic 8 figure number


I thought I read earlier that he got a flat 10 mil.