Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul PPV buys prediction thread

Take your best shot for bragging rights.


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Well I’m guess disappointing being they are acting up at weigh-ins to get some hype.



I thought this thread would have more responses.

I’m going with 500,000.

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Paul’s best PPV buys are 1.5 M for Askren, 800k for Fury and 500k for the first Woodley fight.

I think Nate vs Paul should do 1M to 1.5M. Both are pretty big names in prizefighting, even if this card licks balls the casuals buy for the headliner, they will buy this.

I’ll catch a replay on youtube.

I think Nate vs Masvidal was said to do around 1M buys but I don’t see estimates with a quick google search.

Whatever I say the opposite will probably happen but due to illegal streaming it might only do between 100,000 - 200,000 buys IMHO.

It’s boxing so they’ll claim it did 1.5 million buys when in reality it’ll sell about 17k buys at most


No way man, those are Amanda Nunes and Mighty Mouse numbers…

Paul and fifty year old Anderson did 300k. The Fury fight just did 800k.

Nate and Paul on ESPN PPV is still a needle mover.

I think it can do 1M but would be outright shocked if it did anything under 600k.


If there was no illegal streaming I definitely think this has the potential to do much larger numbers.

I just think so many young people will just stream it instead of paying to see it.

You got a point on the streaming. I still expect it to be Paul’s best or 2nd best PPV.

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Tree fiddy

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All I know is it’s not getting a buy from me. Fuck that clown show

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Don’t forget there’s a ufc on tomorrow and wwe Summer Slam too. No one is buying this garbage

We already kinda have jake va nate thread