Nate Diaz vs Josh Neer free video...great fight!

One of my favorite fights! Its a tough call, but I kind of think Josh Neer won the first 2 rounds. Either way, this was a talent filled scrap with 2 of my all time favorites. 

Great fight. Thanks for sharing. Phone Post


Diaz bros can't win a close decision Phone Post

I had Neer up 2 rounds too in a close fight.

Its tough to match the gameness of a Diaz brother and Neer in the ring at the same time.

Thanks Reg. Treat yourself to some sweet tea. It just makes a man feel good.

Thanks OP! That is my youngest sons favourite bout ever, he has it on a vhs tape and watches it a lot. I was also very impressed by it and it made me a fan of both players.

I remember being at a after party with Nick & Nate and we all were watching the title fight between Shonie Carter & Karo Parisyan (Karo threw Shonie with that throw about 4 times) & Nick & Nate were both discussing how they should counter it because,Nick was scheduled to fight Karo in the UFC.Turns out Nate ends up using it.