Nate Diaz vs Tyson Griffin

This is a fight Nate really wants - a little bad blood there with Tyson leaving Caesar Gracie's Camp.

Another step up in competition for Nate also..

Tyson don't want none..

Tyson may not have a choice because Nate called Tyson out loud and clear and wants him the most.

Ken Flo is probably going to get Huerta.

Tyson and Nate makes a whole lot of sense.

ill betcha nate knows exactly how to beat tyson
and tyson knows it


This fight has to happen!

I really don't think Tyson wants that fight to happen. I saw an interview a while back where he was asked about the Cesar Gracie boys and he pretty much danced around the subject and started talking about something else.

I would LOVE to see it. I can't wait.

WAR NATE!!!!!!!!!!!

Great fight.

It would be a great fight for sure. I will take tyson by ground and pound unless nate catches him with a sneaky sub...

 That lightweight division is stacked.  By far the best division in the UFC

tyson would beat the pot out of Nate. he would be bleeding tree by the time tyson beat his ass

 Nate would win.

 i pick tyson

 I'd love to see Nate vs Tavares.

I really think this is a logical fight choice, and quite honestly I see something to what people are saying about Tyson not wanting the fight. I would like to see it signed to happen in I don't know...say August when all the great MMA fans of MN could see the fight firsthand.

This would be an awesome match up. Great test for Diaz. The only thing I think he lacks is strength, but his BJJ def makes up for it.

Nate is going to have a problem with any elite or borderline elite fighters if he continues to start slow like against Kurt.Kurt was close to finishing Nate in the 1st round.Props to Nate for catching Pelligrino in a wicked Triangle, you knew it was done with the caught arm sticking out..Nate has no love for Tyson after Griffin left Casear Gracie's Camp.Grudge match indeed, plus will put winner directly behind Ken Flo and Huerta for next Title Shot at LW.

didn't tyson beat faber?

Nate wins if Tyson gets caught up in a wrestling match and does something foolish. Other than that I see a dominating performance by Tyson standing up and in the clinch. With Nates height advantage, however, he may be able to pull guard during a clinch and bring the fight to the ground that way. His triangle from the guard though is the only weapon I see Nate using to win. Super strong compact and aggressive fighters, like Manny, give Nate trouble.

 I have counted Nate out for the last time! The kid is tough as hell!!! Congrats and good luck to him!

ruger007, yes Tyson Griffin did TKO Faber.

Ripley, that will be interesting to see if Nate can withstand the punishment Tyson will surely dish out; if he can similarly like he did against Kurt has a great chance to catch Griffin.

I agree with you Jeff, Nate just keeps raising his game - don't know why Pelligrino seemed to come off the gas after having Nate nearly out with a TKO though.