Nate Is Really Getting Pizzed

# Jake Paul offers to fight Nate Diaz in his final UFC fight: “I will fight for free”

The 25-year-old is set to return this August at Madison Square Garden in New York. As of now, his opponent hasn’t been announced as of now. He’s been linked to showdowns with Mike Tyson, Tommy Fury, and now, Nate Diaz.

The Stockton-native took to Twitter earlier today to call for his UFC release once again. He also alluded to a showdown with Jake Paul in the boxing ring by attaching the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s knockout of Tyron Woodley.
Dana White then commented on the proposed boxing match in an interview with The Mac Life. The UFC president seemed to think the fight made sense. White stated:

“Nate isn’t going to fight Kamaru Usman, listen we are trying to do the best we can, trying not too shit on anybody and disrespect anybody. It’s not like we are talking about Kamaru Usman here we are talking about Nate Diaz,” White concluded. “Nate’s won one fight in five years, so we are trying to figure this thing out with him. He probably should go on and fight Jake Paul, that’s a fight that makes sense.”

Now, on Twitter, Jake Paul has responded to Nate Diaz and Dana White. The 25-year-old offered to be the welterweight’s final UFC opponent. Furthermore, he also offered to fight for free, as long as the UFC raised fighter pay and offered them healthcare.

What an Igmow.WME provides health care.I don’t think that the PFL or Bellator does.

I hope they release Nate and then Jake refuses to fight him just to piss him off even more than he already is

I hope N8 Beats that ASS In

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Nice fuckin non answer


Well, I don’t get it. They have to be offered 3 fights a year right? Something like that.

What’s happening? Is he turning them all down and then acting like he’s waiting? Is he accepting them, and then the fights end up not booked for whatever reason? Has the UFC legit not been offering him fights?

Release? If Nate thinks the UFC will let him fight Jake without getting a taste - he’s as dumb as a doorknob.


Jon Jones got caught using all the Peds, probably attempting to get out of a lifetime ban

Conor doing even more coke, that is saying a lot

Nate Dustin sounds good

Diaz smokes weed and never gets the pizza munchies and makes weight every time. What an asshole. How does he do it

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Dana should release him or give him Tony, that’s the only interesting fight right now for Nate, Dustin doesn’t do much for it style wise. A third fight with coke boy mcgregor I never wanted to see. Style wise and level wise Tony makes the most sense.

Jake Paul I really hated but he is almost growing on me (almost he still needs to box a boxer his age and size) but Nate gets hit a lot, he is too small and old now, good chin but not good enough, he gets merked like woodley

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