Nate Marquardt?

Is his style that anti jiu jitsu? He beat the shyt out of one of he greatest grapplers in the world, was dean just really tired or is nate just that good. If he takes Anderson down id like to see everyone say oh andersons a blackbelt but come on look what he did to lister, what will anderson do tell him hes a black belt cause i dont think his jiu jitsu will have anything more then what dean tried.


Nate's a Black Belt too.

Marquart is just hard to do anything with.

He's a stingy fighter.

I've always wondered why they're gonna give a guy a shot at the title, but put all of his fights on the pre-lim's and not get to see him... :/

Nate is a freak - big, strong, and nasty on the ground and on his feet.

Nate has what it takes to win the belt besides being a super nice guy.

Next champ imo.