Nate should fight the winner of Dustin vs Conor

Don’t really care about oliveira or the 155 belt. Biggest fight to make is Nate vs the winner at 155. Can be sold by just saying Nate is at his best at 155. Dana would be open to this

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Or just Nate vs Conor. No one wants Nate vs Dustin

What if Dustin calls out Nate after he beats Conor saying they have unfinished business? I def think it can be a big fight that Nate will talk some shit for

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Nate vs Poirier would look a lot like, Edwards vs Nate, minus the couple of takedowns Edwards had.

I am the biggest Nate fan but let’s get some seriousness back into this game. Enough with the circus


Terrible idea. Fans are lucky you don’t run the UFC.

The loser of Dustin vs Conor fighting Diaz is logical but the winner… thats ridiculous.

Oliveira has an great win streak going that hardcore fans around the world noticed. Dude just beat Tony and Chandler back to back as well.

Dustin just KOed Conor… if he beats him again there will plenty of hype behind Dustin’s crack at the title.

If Conor beats Dustin… well then Conor is back in the eyes of the public and they would love nothing more than to see him go after another title.

Charles is the champ, the Conor Dustin III winner will be getting tons of attention. Its gonna be a big title fight in the most exciting division in the sport.

Conor Diaz III is always there, Nate loses a lot but his fans keep watching, Dustin Nate is always there as well.

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What I’d like to know is what’s going on with Justin Gaethje?

Have they signed the fight with him and Chandler? Doesn’t sound like it. I know Dana teased it.

Nate lost his last 2 and 3 of last 4, Maybe he should fight the loser which will be Conor most likely