Nate vs Bendo would be a fight of total opposites

-Clean life
-Very religious
-Overwhelming explosive pace
-Respectful public image all the time

-Stockton street hardened
-Methodical plodding accumulation of strikes
-Chip on shoulder and mind games to affect opponent

This is the most intriguing match of extreme opposites.

Can't fucking wait! Bendo beat Edgar again for the love of God!

- Monster legs vs toothpick legs

orcus - - Monster legs vs toothpick legs

lol true

 UFC primetime for this fight would be great.

i hope bendo kicks his arse!

Pretty sure Diaz lives as clean or cleaner than Bendo! Phone Post

It could be a good angle for UFC to hype up the fight and create two stars. A bad boy and a good guy. Phone Post