Nathan Jones Quits!

"We have recently been informed of the fact that WWE superstar Nathan Jones has officially quit WWE. It is unlikely that he will continue to pursue a career altogether.
Jones supposedly packed his bags and walked out of the locker room on the Asian-Australian tour. He was quick to remark how he "couldn't take it anymore."

-- He supposedly had a very bad time on the trip up to the point of quitting, and was especially ticked off with the bad plane ride we mentioned earlier.

-- Brock Lesnar, Big Show, and Paul Heyman tried to calm Jones down and keep him from quitting, but to no avail. Nathan Jones had actually come close to quitting many months ago, but was talked out of it. That talk didn't work this time."

Time to delete him from my jobber stable in Smackdown:HCTP I guess.

Meanwhile guys like Kanyon and Spanky are probably going to be fired in the next month or two... and scumbags like Arn Anderson, Charlie Haas and Jim Ross will keep their jobs.

charlie haas? how is he a scumbag? same with Jim Ross

See ya!

Both are two faced assholes...

What a fool

"scumbags like Arn Anderson, Charlie Haas and Jim Ross will keep their jobs"-

Care to expound?

it'll all come out if certain people get fired... but arn is a bitter alcoholic... Charlie spreads lies about people just because he doesn't like people's friends and Jim Ross is two faced... and McMahon is the worst of them all.

expericenced yes... worthy? nope... not even half as good as Terry Taylor was... and he sucked.

bad plane ride ?

what happened?

TLM good you please make a post going into all that. I heard a little about arn and his problems but not about Haas.

"bad plane ride ? what happened?"

Supposedly there was heavy snow throughout the travel route & the plane had a difficult time flying & landing. It supposedly "shook up" the roster & guys were freaking out. Bare in mind, this is all comes from "nameless" second hand sources, so I wouldn't put much stock in it.

Nathan Jones reminds me of Sid. He's a guy with a great look and star presence, but is uncoordinated & has a weak work ethic. Yet the reality is, there is a much greater likelihood of appealing to the casual fans (who drives the business) by pushing Jones than the smaller less marketable guys who's better "in ring" work appeals to internet fans. Ironically, it's the internet/hardcore fans who most strongly resent Jones for this very fact.

There's a reason why a Hollywood movie director picked Nathan Jones to be part of his film even though he has no previous acting experience. It's the same reason why Vince first pushed him hard without ever watching him wrestle. You can go a long way on looks alone in the entertainment field, which is what pro wrestling ultimately is.

Retiring "forever" for such a young guy seems unlikely. Jones will eventually be back. When he does, he'll be re-pushed to the moon just like Sid constantly was virtually everywhere he went. It's seldom mentioned that Sid drew larger houses as WWF Champion than Shawn Michaels during his last run, "workrate" not withstanding. All the while Shawn was getting rave reviews for his "great" matches, which drew no money as business tanked.

While it may turn off some wrestling fans, pushing guys like Nathan Jones is a smart business risk that will continue time eternal.

McCandayass is right re: Sid and HBK. I can't remember what yr it was, but HBK lost the belt to Sid and got it back in his hometown of San Antonio. Even though HBK was the face, they cheered Sid and booed him!

yep, Gortiz, I think it was the Royal Rumble. They booed Shawn mercilessly (sp?) and cheered Sid ON THE PPV BROADCAST. On the video release they "cheered" Shawn. They've also did that for Hogan before too.

I've talked with Vince before and he was a really nice, seemingly, down to earth guy. But I've heard so many sick and twisted things about him from so many different people.

He really does take pleasure in making people embarrass themselves. One "Diva" said she would do anything for the WWE, except she absolutely did not want to dance. In her hometown on a house show Vince made her dance... Several wrestlers saw Vince grab his stomach and laugh while she was dancing uncomfortably.

What a piece of shit.

Okay who wants to bet, Pride, UFC, K-1 or Inoki?

I didn't see it, but I remember reading about the whole Michaels-Sid thing. What is their problem? Instead of trying to rewrite history regarding who got cheered or booed, why don't they listen to the fans to figure out who is over and who isn't? that's one thing that really annoys the shit out of me regarding WWE. they seem to want to tell people what they should and should not like instead of asking.

It's a power thing with Vince... he tries to impose his will on his employees and the audience.

I also recall a similar redubbing of the fans cheers during the Sid/Hogan confrontation at Royal Rumble 92.

The crowd on the live tape was audibly chanting for Sid.

As far as Jones quitting, who gives a damn. Seriously, he's worthless. Maybe he'll go back to PRIDE!