Nathan Jones Signs with K-1


"Nathan Jones Update: The link we ran on Nathan Jones being backstage at an OVW show last week was actually from one year ago last week. Both our correspondent and I missed that. However, reader Harold Williams has updated Jones's status, so here are a ton of details on what he's been up to since leaving WWE: Since leaving WWE, Nathan Jones was working in Japan for Zero-One, on a non-contractual tour-by-tour basis. He is very interested in shoot fighting. Jones's career is being managed by the California-based Valor Fighting and Management, which was formed by Ultimate Pro Wrestling in January 2004. VFM was founded on the principal of offering a more mainstream approach to the world of "Reality" or "No Holds Barred" fighting, while maintaining and even increasing the "edge" of, "No Holds Barred" fighting. Ultimate Pro Wrestling founder and President Rick Bassman is the co-President of VFM, and Jones is on the UPW roster as well. Valor Fighting and Management had made it clear to Zero-One that Nathan Jones wanted to be signed to a long-term fight deal, and Zero-One stated that PRIDE (which is allied with Zero-One) did not plan on giving him that. K-1, another fight promotion, offered Jones a multi-year contract which calls for a minimum of four fights each year, under both K-1 and Mixed Martial Arts rules. K-1's offer was basically what he was looking for, so Jones has signed exclusively with K-1."

Anyone who has seen Pride 1 will undoubtedly find this amusing. :)

Never saw Pride 1, but I know what you're talking about. Mabye he'll be Akebono's first win. heh

jones got beat by a 400lb judoka in pride 1

Pretty sure that that fight in Pride was a work.

He will still not likely do too well.

i wouldnt mind having a fight once every 4 months !!!:) or 3 i mean

For Jones' sake I hope the fight at Pride 1 was a work, otherwise we can add him to the list of former pro wrestlers who died young