Nathan Jones to K1 ?

Fightsport have announced that Nathan Jones has signed with K1.

For those that care

Interesting. Good luck to Nathan. Of interesting note, when I fought Frank at the K-1 GP in 2000, I met Nathan at the hotel. He was in talks with K-1 about fighting with them all the way back then. And boy, is he BIG.


nathan has been in talks forever. I recall Spartans first programme had him featured as "ishiis monster".


i wonder if Nathan Jones has got any good Hulk Hogan
stories...i love the Hulkster.

Next question for those in the know, was his pride 1 fight really a work?


Well without saying too much..........

I would not have bet against KITAO :)


Good luck to any man that could bend the bars of his cell door.
He was a resident of Her Majesty's Risdon Prison, aboot a fifteen minute drive from my place. I literally ran in to him once and actually fell over.