National Equal Pay Day

'Men, turn your pocket change into something meaningful.
That's the United Nations' message for National Equal Pay Day. It's part of a campaign of the HeForShe initiative, which asked men to post photos to social media holding three quarters and three pennies.
The coins are meant to represent the 78 cents that women earn for every $1 a man makes.'

'The UN also asked men go one day with equal pay, suggesting they donate 22% of their paychecks Tuesday to HeForShe, which will use the funds to to support equal pay programs.
Just as the campaign has been embraced on social media, it has also been criticized for not being more inclusive of women of color.
Kyndall Clark tweeted, "The #78Cents campaign is really disappointing. This applies to white women. Not women of color," and used the hashtag #erasure.'

I'll just leave this here and let you guys vocalize why this is nonsense...

Do they not understand how bullshit the stats are?

The fact its on CNN should scare you.

Glad I don't have to participate in this white bullshit.