National Geographic:Fight Science

It strikes four times faster than a snake. It kicks with more than 1,000 pounds (453.59 kg) of force. And it can rival the impact of a 35 mph (56.33 kph) car crash. It's the most complex weapon ever designed--the human body. National Geographic Channel brings together a team of experts and a cross section of champion martial arts masters to analyze the world's greatest fighting techniques and find out which discipline has the hardest hits, the fastest moves, and even the deadliest weapons.

Sunday August 20th 9P et/pt

sounds interesting

Yep...Thanks for the heads up...Sound like it'll be worth the record and upload :)

No Problem Evil as you are the Master !

This is a special on Chuck Norris?

saw that.....


If its anything like the animal vs animal show, it will suck

I would estimate that no arts assocated with MMA will be on there. So no boxing, no MT, and no BJJ. It'll be karate vs kung fu vs. etc.

Here's a link to a Video Preview......Looks Like MT and BJJ are represented as well as the TMA's



On "Fight Science," a muay Thai knee strike generates the impact of a 35 mph (56.33 kph) car crash.


it would be cool if a tournament was set up and pitted these guys against each other.


stephenl: yeah they could call it something like know, what about The Ultimate Fighting Championship? You could even shorten it to UFC!

Sounds really interesting. Too bad it will be about monks doing chi blasts and the like.


^ Huh ?


Zactly Grundle.

my knee strike was measured equal to the impact of a 36mph car crash.


My hip thrust was.......oh well, nevermind. ;-)

I hope they bring back the idiot who talked about his spinning hand knives and how the blood would make them slippery.

Cause Im sure he routinely is hacking people to pieces.