National Geographic:Fight Science

^ Hey , just reporting as a good troll should.


I think the show will be great, it will be full of shit, but great all the same. Can't wait.

Muay thai knee my ass, that's a dim mak knee-strike that makes the heart stop beating within 60 years.

I love how the "martial arts supervisor" says "when you look at a real fighter you can feel it" and RIGHT AWAY they cut to a snarling ninja squatting menacingly.

lol squats down grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


there will be a rickson


well, the science stuff is going to be cool as hell regardless


oooooh it's going to show dim mak!!!!!

they should have had them have a vale tudo at the end.


Rickson will shock the world with the power of his Warrior Spririt.