Nationals Day 2

DIVISION: Men 55 kg
1. Aaron Kunihiro, Covina, CA, San Gabriel Judo
2. Mickey Matsumoto, Torrance, CA, Gardena Judo Club
3. David Kaufman, Long Grove, IL, Cohens
3. Jeremy Liggett, Scotia, NY, Jason Morris Judo Cl
5. David Yoshida, Richardson, TX, Becerra Judo Club
5. Frank Sanchez, West Lovina, OH,

DIVISION: Men 60 kg
1. Taraje Williams-Murray, Bronx, NY, Jamie Towers
2. Kenneth Hashimoto, Thornton, CO, Northglenn Judo Club
3. Grant Nakashima, Kent, WA, Budokan Dojo Seattle
3. Gerard Cadet, Brooklyn, NY, Starrett Judo Club
5. AJ Silverman, Scotia, NY, Jason Morris Judo Cl
5. Marcus Watada, New rochelle, NY, Westchester Judo

DIVISION: Men 66 kg
1. Taylor Takata, Honolulu, CO, OTC
2. Nate Torra, Scotia, NY, NYAC/JMJC
3. Dynell Pinder, Brooklyn, NY, Starrett Judo Club
3. Joshua O'Neil, Racine, WI, Cohens Judo
5. John Matsuoka, Daly City, CA, Cahill's Judo Club
5. Scott Pak, Aiea, HI, Shobukan Judo Club

DIVISION: Men 73 kg
1. Chuck Jefferson, San Jose, CA, SJSU Judo
2. Orlando Fuentes, Hialeah, CO, OTC
3. Joseph Bencosme, San Jose, CA, San Jose State Unive
3. Garry St. Leger, Brooklyn, NY, Starrett Judo
5. Marcus Glass, Oakland, CA, Stanford
5. Travis Yamanaka, Apple Valley, MN, Midway Judo

DIVISION: Men Intern'l Exhibition
1. Nobuhiro Imamaka, , ID, ISU
2. Tad Burgess, Norman, OK, US Stars
3. Maje Omagbaluwaje, Chicago, IL, Tohko Judo Academy
3. Rameau Sokoudjou, San Diego, CA, Judo America San Die
5. Timothy Harmeling, Babson Park, FL, GE Judo
5. Jasung Koo, Kawang Ju, CO, OTC

dang, I guess Josh didn't get in the top 3. Does anyone know how his matches went?

DIVISION: Men Intern'l Exhibition 1. Nobuhiro Imamaka, , ID, ISU"1. Nobuhiro Imamaka, , ID,"

This is our new coach from Tokai, at ISU Judo.

He is a -90kg fighter.

Ben Reinhardt

He was pretty fricking good, too! Great fighting style.

i just lost. didnt fight well. oh well, its judo and that happens. ive always been the type of guy who is either on or off-- never an inbetween. saturday, i felt fine but i just wasnt on. stupid mistakes and slow reactions.

all the same, it was a great ride and i wouldnt change a thing. so i missed the trials. maybe someday ill be lucky enough to coach somebody else into the trials.

Ben, I knew he was the new coach as soon as I read the results.

Josh, Take the advice my dear old grandma used to give me when things didn't fall right, "Fuck it sonny." Your karma holds the best to come for ya. Your star is just starting to rise on this rock.

Josh, when are you opening up your own club?

Big-O, i think you are right. in the long run, once i get over the disappointment i have in myself right now, i know ill be able to see that i really just started as far as judo goes and that there's a lot more i can do in, with and becuase of it..

ricky.. time will tell with that. i know that in june of 05 we are moving back to westminster, ca (orange county) and i'll be working with mojica's and OC for awhile. before i open something like my own club, or take the reigns of antoher, i really want to be sure that im able to give everything people deserve in a coach. i'm lucky in that i've been surrounded by some unreal coaches my entire life and now i get to try and see where i will fit-in with that role.