Nationals Predictions

I didn't see one of these threads, I'd like to place an order for some predictions. I assume even for those of you guys at the event at least you masters and lightweights can't all be asleep...or in the sauna...or partying.

All I know is on Tuesday in Seattle I saw some sweaty folks getting ready and it looked like they might be in need of some mineral supplements...GOLD minerals, that is.

My prediction....

The crowd will ooooo and Ahhh at Chuck's new hair-do...

Barnes will finally weigh in at over 200lbs and not have a beer belly....

Tim Wilson will make a celebrity appearance (unfortunately without his sister)

I will be listening for soft thuds in the distance all the way from Seattle....Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it this year..

Fight hard & stay safe all..

Uh, clown...might want to check your notes for this one, are you talking about the same sister?

Oh, I was talking about your 100k declaration, I just thought it was odd.

The crowd will ooooo and Ahhh at Chuck's new hair-do...

How's his hair?

Is it feathered like an 80's rocker?

are you sure the regular 60kg guys will even fight 60 now that we dont have an olympic spot at that weight. The number 5 spot is open in 66kgs cuz brandan is done with judo. I would think they are all clawing for that.

Chuck's hair is naturally curly and wavy, so I don't think it will be feathered.

It is a nice shade of red, too.

Ben R.

they did give it to the brazilian :(

That settles it. After Iraq, they're next.

55 usaclown
60 Teraji
66 Flores
73 Jimmy
81 David Ellis
90 Olson
100 Barnes
100+ Kenis
150+ usaclown's gf