Native Intruments Guitar Rig

I just acquired this program a couple of days ago and have it running as an RTAS plugin in my Pro Tools LE/Mbox setup on my PC.

I've tried PodXT, VOX Tonelab and even the VOX ad30 amp (i take full advantage of Guitar Centers return policy). None of them really cut it in my opinion.

The Guitar Rig is an amp/effect modeling program.

All the amps and rack effects are "drag and drop." super easy to use and it sounds really good. lately ive been a tube amp snob. I would rather play through a tiny fender blues jr than a large solid state amp any day.

The Guitar Rig really does a good job of getting that warm tube sound. I plug my guitar through a nice tube preamp and that may have something to do with it too but if you can get this program youll have a lot of fun with it.

I've read the ads for it. Thanks for the review.

It's about time for me to go ProTools anyway.

Why pro tools? Why not Nuendo or the other thousand cheaper/just as good programs that are out there?

You tell me! I'm not commited to any particular software. I'm just a guitar player who wants to lay down some tracks.

I dig it alot!! I use it on my synth sounds for my production. I love the thing. All the presets are great,,,,wide assortment from metal, to jazz, to pop

I have Pro Tools LE that comes free with the MBOX (usb interface with Focusrite preamps) and I love it. Its a great program that can get you seriously pro results when u take the time to learn everything about it.

I also recomend a decent condensor mic and a decent set of monitors to complete the rig. 2 very important elements in your recording gear.

KDK, how much did that cost(the MBOX and software)?

It runs for 449.00 everywhere I see it. Do you have a pretty fast computer? I recomend at least a P4 with over 2 gig speed. The newer and faster your computer you will have the least or zero latency. So what you hear in the headphones is the exact thing that is playing with no delay. This is the same deal with all USB interfaces.

You can also go with a decent soundcard and some other software but the Mbox will easily get you on the right track for near pro quality gear and results.

When I first got it I kinda just messed around with it but after I had a guy come by and give me some private lessons (two actually) It really opened up a world of recording possibilities.

Getting into recording is very cool and a total art in itself. It's is like learning a whole new instrument. Youll start believing your George Martin :)

Like I said before. A decent mic and decent studio monitors are extremely important. Headphones are just for recording and criticle listening but not for mixing. Crappy studio monitors will give you crappy mixes and the mic is the first link in your chain.

That sounds really cool. Have you compared it to

I never tried ampfarm or amplitude but ive read on a few recording forums where people compare them and guitar rig usually gets the nod.