natural born fighters

has anyone heard of this club in toronto where is it ?


I would also like to know.

However, I thought they were a US team.

I've never heard of them either, are you sure their
in T.O. Brian?

i pretty sure , that is what liv told kim .m , i could be wrong

I've never heard of it.

"i pretty sure , that is what liv told kim .m , i could be wrong"


Liv told what to whom? I have never heard of this group.

the guy antonio is fighting and myself are from this club. didnt you tell me my guy was from toronto club ? or have i taken too many hits to the head ?


Now I get it. Yes Liv told me that your opponent was from Toronto. I have no idea what club he was from however. Further, I had never of the guy either. I hope that helps a bit. :)

Maybe it's another name for that place 'Bob's Crazy
House of Death'? or pain or whatever the name is

Jon Kellet trains there, he may know.


TTT for the answer.

cool name for a club !!

I heard their instructor was all set to fight Royce Gracie but when Royce heard about the man's rep he withdrew for an easier fight against Sak. Or so I heard. Liv?

Oh I thought this thread was about me.