Natural superiority=OK! TRT superiority=BAD! WHY?

Its semantics. Some people, like aldo/jbj/gsp are so far above everyone else when it comes to natural body type/ athleticism. No one calls them cheaters. But, if you take TRT and reach their identical athletic levels, youre a cheat. y? Gsp isnt a cheat. Who cares how you reach gsps level? Semantics!

Should JBJ, who has more natural gifts than anyone, be banned cuz he has an unfair physical advantage? Why not? A good athlete could train forever and never reach jbj's level....EVER! But with a little PED, one can match him. Maybe trt should be mandatory if you fight jbj....otherwise its not fair.

ROID MADDNESS! Theese idiots actually think peds are dangerous.

Lol. Someone's been listening to the JRE. Phone Post

Yeah right.....that guy is a pothead gleen beck!
Legalize all peds. Cant think of a reason not too.


Trt is like a cheat code in a video game, yeah u beat all the levels, but you couldnt really without them. Phone Post

Being a supreme athlete is just as cheatin.

Bisping KOd, I like you , but you barking up the wrong tree my fren.

I think if we're talking about 'fariness'
it seems most fair to have some limit and to allow anyone below a certain level to enhance up to it without any need for a permit or anything.

also, for the types of PEDs that improve recovery, i think its unethical to not let athletes use them. In the same way that everyone pushes for medical insurance etc for fighters, we should be letting them do anything they can to minimise their injuries and make their recovery as fast as possible.