Nausea During Workouts?

Does this happen to anyone else? It happened for the second time last week during one of my workouts? What are the possible causes?

What were you doing when you started feeling sick?

I aim for nausea, for me its the best way to make sure you are pushing your boundaries

Probably something you ate.

If I eat pork or dairy one hour before training, it doesn't matter if I'm squatting 60 lbs., I'm still gonna hurl.

Watch what you eat, and wait a good 90 minutes before you actually start your work sets.

I don't get Nasueous in my work outs but I get light headed...


I only get nausea if I've eaten too soon before a really hard workout, or if I haven't eaten or slept for a long time before a really hard workout.

I usually don't eat before I workout in the morning. I may need to eat something about an hour before?


It just happened in the middle of the workout, I can't really remember what I was doing. I think it was something easy like lat pulls. Oh and I agree with the poster above, squats always do a number on me.

If you are in the weightroom and it happens again, pay attention to what you are doing, the amount of water you have been drinking, what you ate the night before. Or it could just mean that you are pushing yourself harder then your body is used to. What I like to do in the morning is eat a protein bar, and sip a cup of coffee about an hour before I go to the gym, if your working out later in the day though, you want to eat about 2-3 hours before you go to the gym.

It sounds like you need to eat before you workout. You said you didn't eat and this could be causing the light headedness. Your body's blood sugar is probably dropping to much because your running on empty and that would cause you to feel lightheadedness. Some people can get away with not eating in the morning and going straight to a workout because their body's can store enough from the previous nights food intake or they don't need as much carbohydrates to run. For other people (including myself) we need to eat before a workout because our bodies can't run if we get to low on carbohydrates. People who are really sensitive to this are called hypoglycemic.