Navient Cancels 1.7billy in Student Loans

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Nice! Hopefully this is the first domino to fall, and we get all student debt erased in this country.

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Hopefully they send me a $20k voucher :crossed_fingers:fingers crossed

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You have the greatest voucher of all, the ‘patting yourself on the back’ voucher for promptly paying off your loans!

I have a finance degree and it’s worth shit. I should have got an engineering degree.

With that said, I’m still going to pay my student loans. I got an email notifying me that payments resume in May.

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I have a marketing degree and I have been a machinist for over a decade. Go figure. lol


Keep deferring that shit until Biden cancels it! We’re so close!

Ha! We would have had some classes together. My marketing teachers were all super cool, where’d you go to school?

If everyone just keeps deferring into perpetuity, they have no recourse! They will have no choice but to forgive student debt once they see nobody is making any payments anymore

You really think I would post that here with how hated I am by some? lol

Nah, I only got an associate’s in marketing from a community college. I transferred to a rather expensive school, did well for a year, but dropped out because I was living with my ex who was a few years older with a career and had to move back closer to home. Never finished my bachelor’s. Been meaning for years to go back for my engineering degree because of my trade bur never got to it yet. If I ever jump to a bigger place I can see if they would be willing to pay for or towards it. I’m pretty content tho. Maybe one day.


I don’t get on here a lot so I’m not familiar with you. Are you playing a character and being funny or are you serious? If serious I think you may be a communist…better than a fascist I guess, but still a statist. Not a fan of you regardless


Yes, it’s true - you can defer your payments basically as long as you want with no penalty! We all need to rise up and organize to do this

Yes it’s true you’re a commie? Lol

He’s just another random obnoxious zombie looking for attention. Just skip over his posts. Best thing you can do with those types.

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So what if I deferred payment on the meal I ate tonight and deferred on my utility bills. Who pays for the bills I decide not to pay? I already feed my retarded neighbors kids. I can’t afford to feed you too.

Gotcha :+1:

Does your grocery store offer you the option to defer your food payments?