navy seal vs israeli commando. Who wins?

I thought Israel was our ally...

Well judging as both guys previous opponents are mostly civilians in the middle east, i'd say its a toss up.

They are constantly on the same team..They train together all year long...

^^ your a complete dumbass...

Why dont you actually ask a real much they train together and how elite those commandos are

Depends on the soldier but very similar training. Phone Post

It all depends on circumstances, first off, is it a "regular" SEAL team platoon fighting a unit like Maktal? Or is it DevGru (ST-6) fighting an Orev Golani brigade? Speculation on something like this is utterly retarted,, I mean where are they located? What weapons? Do they have Indig forces available? Do they have air support? How do they come in contact with one another? Is it a hostage rescue, a raid, an ambush, a botched recon? Do they have a QRF readily available? How much ammo are they carrying? How long have they been in the field, how fatigued are they? I mean, guys, when you're discussing shit like this you have to consider anything and everything that concerns the units...that's why the show makes no sense at all, I think it's fun to watch and I do watch it - but don't fool yourself this shit is retarted. And If I absolutely had to pick, I would pick DevGru (ST-6)...I'm biased.


ST6 > everyone else