Why is anyone even engaging this troll?


We basically have 3 political structures in the world today; Communism, authoritarianism, and capitalism. I’ll take capitalism any day of the week

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I was reading an article by a CIA analyst who worked on targeting insurgents in Iraq. He worked with SEALS and with Delta Force and U.S. Army Special Forces.

He said the SEALs were very good at what they did but very loud, vey cocky, like a bunch of frat boys. By contrast, he said Delta and Special Forces were very detail oriented, very quiet. He said that if you met one of them and didn’t know what he did, you’d think he was a very in-shape accountant or college professor.

how am I the “TROLL”? I have posted supporting FACTS and DATA of Video and News Articles while you just felt emotionally triggered because you didn’t find the DATA agreeable so you emotionally lash out with some accusation of “troll” without any supporting FACTS or DATA

also I have received NUMEROUS LIKES already on this thread which DISCREDITS your emotional “troll” accusation snowflakery!

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Socialism is believing that self interested men will work for the good of others.

good post. They must have given off a SMART LIBERAL VIBE to receive that review as according to the OG all College Professors are Liberals LOL

isn’t it in our interest to strive together. Unregulated GREED leads to WEALTH INEQUALITY which is a VERY SICK condition which will lead to the FAILURE of a society

Capitalism…Not good for COPS…Not good for SpecOps…yet according to OG logic COPS and SpecOps are the Model Example of American Standard of Excellence

Why do you keep calling it capitalism? That is misleading. It’s called innovationism

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At least it doesn’t seek to straight up destroy a society. I know you’re stupid, but even you know capitalism has lifted the most people out of poverty in history. I mean, the US went from not existing to being a world leader in well under 300 years due to it. Capitialism breeds competition which is good for everyone.

The typing style of using unnecessary CAP LOCKS is one of your best angles. It is very frustrating so it works. KUDO$ for that.

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This NONSENE Again! Creating a bunch of miserable, anxious, stressed-out, rat-race FlimFlam Addicts is a sign of success?

and I read that book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” and it sure painted a different picture.

Also I recently read or watched something on the youtube and where I discovered that after the Fall of the Soviet Union a lot of men committed suicide and how that’s something you don’t hear about when people are chanting the “lifted millions out of poverty” mantra

LOL thanks!

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OP was never a very good troll to begin with, but now it’s just getting sad…

The intentional off-putting punctuation and grammar lead to frustration. I understand why it is being done because it worked on me for a while. I have to give credit where it is due.

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Wealth inequality is bullshit just because someone else has a lot of wealth it doesn’t prevent you from achieving something on your own. The state sure as shit isn’t assuring you have a chance.

^well I sure don’t see the NEWS HEADLINES filled with Articles and Stories of COPS wishing to give-up their Socialist UNIONS, PENSIONS, and BIG GOV HEALTHCARE that helps to keep them from suffering significant troubles of WEALTH INEQUALITY

Capitalism reflects the morality of the consumer. Shitty capitalist practices belies shitty people in the society.

do you always have to be such a weirdo?

troll 1986 GIF by absurdnoise

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