NBA 2K13

Anyone playing it? How's your MyCareer going?

I'm halfway through my rookie season, drafted by the Mavericks. I hadn't played 2k12 for ages when I got the game so was pretty rusty to begin with, getting better now, just got my first double-double.

I'm trying not to upgrade my shooting too high because it's too easy then to score as many points as you like, my stats are at a fun level now I'm 69 overall and need my team mates to play well to win.

working on upgrading my rebounding and passing so I can be a triple-double threat Phone Post

I love this game. I too got drafted to the mavs. I didn't manage my time well and started a new career. This time with the celtics, I suggest buying the extra VC for 5 bucks. If not you'll have a rough first season, a long season. Phone Post

I'm playing offline so no VC for me, I prefer the idea of building my stats over time anyway.

I just played the Rising Stars game, decided to ball hog and get as many points as I could, Scored 38Pts 1Ass 1Reb

We are 30-22 so far in the season and I'm averaging 6.8Pts 7.1Ass 2.3Reb as a PG and I'm playing 8 minute quarters

I've reached the point now where I'm good enough to get 100SP/VC a game so improving my player is starting to get easier, saving up for the Dimer perk next to help get more assists