NBA 2k7 for 360 looks awesome!

Any basketball fans out here in gamerland? Downloaded the demo on the Marketplace and I truely feel it is one of the most accurate sports simulations ever... still some few problems with it, but man is it close to the real thing. The animations are so smooth and realistic. Also they have really cracked down on dunking by improving the defensive A.I. In pretty much all the recent basketball games, both Live and 2k, you could basically just take your superstar and dunk the basketball at will... now you need to work more at it, which makes dunks way more rewarding... and adds realism.

Best thing however, is the signature dribbles, shots, and dunks. In the demo you really feel like Wade. When you break the defender with a cross over and pull up for the jumper you could swear it was really Wade doing. Not only that, but its not just the superstars that have all these signature moves but even the roll players.

Anyway, overall I am really impressed and buying it tomorow (if EB games gets it yet). Anyone else try out the demo?

Wow, I picked it up today and have been playing it all day. I even skipped my class because of this damn game... yes, it is awesome! It's the first basketball game, hell even maybe sports game where you could really feel like the teams and player played like their true life counterparts.

Wade is crazy quick and has awesome cross-overs, carter has that awesome jumpshot where he sticks his leg out, Kobe is damn near unstapable (but in a realistic way)... and so on.

The best thing though is how they've finally managed to tone down on the dunk fests which all past Bball games have been. When you put it on the harder modes you will maybe get 2-3 drive dunks the whole game, and the others will come on fast breaks or when the player is completely open (like in real life). I played as the rockets alot and used Tmac to break down the defense, its pretty easy to deek out the first defender but the defense will colapse right away and stop you, but ofcourse if your quick you can pass to the open man and get a good shot or dunk. Every once in a while you can get an open lane and go in for a nice dunk... but its not almost every play like in past games...

Anyway, ima stop raving about it cause I could go on and on, but man I'm really impressed... any Bball fans around here this is a MUST buy imo. Few lil problems but they are few and far between.

The cool thing too is that when players grab an offensive board they don't just fly in the air and do a massive dunk, but will normally be forced to do a less spectacular (but realistic) lay in of some sort. Like I said before... waaaay less dunks. Now it actually feels special and rare to get a nice dunk, which is something I've always wanted in a Bball game.

how are things like Ginobili's ball handling style, or Nash's?

damn I want a 360 and I want this game, but Ninja poor. Any rich OGer want to give me an early Christmas Present?

BTW, at least one IGN reviewer tends to agree with you:

"One of the best basketball games ever made, NBA 2K7 captures the sport and its stars in a way that hasn?t been achieved in past attempts. You?ve heard about the signature shots, but it?s not just the way they captured King James and Melo, it?s how they captured guys like Sarunas Jasikevicius that amazes me. I think the bigger fan you are of the NBA and its players, the more you?ll appreciate the fine touches like the way the teams rotate for help defense or how your star might flop while trying to draw a foul, even grabbing his face when it looks like he got swiped across the eyes. Association, 24/7, streetball, V.I.P., team-based tendencies, there is just so much to this game that is not only done right, but done above and beyond what any other sports game is offering right now, this is my early pick for Sports Game of the Year."

"how are things like Ginobili's ball handling style, or Nash's?"

Haven't tried Ginobli yet (not a huge spurs fan), but I played with Nash and you really feel like you are him. My first game with him I had something like 25 points and 16 assists (was on 10 minute quarters), which is a pretty realistic good game for him.

And Granpa, one other thing to note is that as far as I've seen IGN and Gamespot are the only two sites to give 2K7 that low of marks (8.3/8.2) which imo are rediculous marks. Some other sites I've checked all have it hovering 9/10 and one even gave 10/10... that said, I really dont' see how they could give NBA 2K6 a higher mark than 2K7 at gamespot, makes no sense to me.

One thing that is funny about playing with the Suns is Shawn Marions god awful shot. He does just like in real life in the game, even the free throws. Man that guy has an ugly shot...