NBA 3 point shootout voting is taking votes on who fans think will win the three point shootout.

Peja is a HUGE favorite at about 80%. He could join the ranks of Larry Bird and some other guy if he pulls it off. :)

Craig Hodges?

It will be Peja Stojakovic,

Voshon Lenard,

Chauncey Billups,

Brent Barry,

Rashard Lewis,

and Cuttino Mobley.

I think/hope Peja schools em all.

Yes, Craig Hodges.

Predrag over Barry in a riveting final, 18-16.

Barry will miss his last moneyball to tie it.

peja, how many times has Bird won it?

3 times, and they were all consecutive, just like Craig Hodges.

I think Peja can do it.

How do they choose who's in the three-point contest? Because people like Wesley Person and Michael Redd are better shooters than Rashard Lewis or Cuttino Mobley, if you ask me.

lol @ "some other guy"

Yougottawanna, I agree.

"lol @ "some other guy""


Yougottawanna, I think they still use the method of highest 3-pt. %, with a minimum number of attempts.

Damn, watching last nights Kings vs Cavs game they kept mentioning the 3 point shootout and at the end of the game they showed that Peja has the lowest % of all 6 competitors. :(

That might have been true last year too, except for Antoine Walker. I think it's because Peja shoots more contested threes.

To get picked you have to have made a certain number of attempts. So some guys percentage wise might be ahead of the group picked, but they apparently haven't made enough threes to be included. Or at leasts that is the excuse for Bowen not getting invited last year.

I hope rashard wins.

Peja is my guess. But.....

GO Cuttino.

FUCK Mobley!!! That faggot is a major part of the Rockets problem imo.