NBA Combine Results... WOW!

Can't find the full results online yet, but heard on PTI that Kevin Durant couldn't bench press 185 pounds once...

Conley put it up 13 times...

I know this has little to do with his ability to play basketball, but thought it was pretty crazy.

They also said Greg Oden was "off the charts".

I was just about to make this thread!

While the combine is useless as a method of evaluating players, it powerfully proves one point: Basketball is a game of skill.



Says Oden's bench press number is N/A

Oden's 3/4 court sprint = 3.27 seconds

Compare that to:

Corey Brewer - 3.22

Acie Law - 3.22

Brandon Wright - 3.31

Kevin Durant - 3.45

Every year there are several to guys who cant put up 185. No big deal.

Why did Oden say he cant run the floor well when he can make it 3 qtrs up faster than GUARDS?!

Shit I could probably put 185 up about 20 times but I would trade that in a heartbeat to be "weak" and have Durant's basketball skill/athleticism.

Oden is the obvious choice already. The guy is a beast

I can bench 225 lbs 20 times, but I can't play basketball. Meaningless.

Hard to bench press when your arms are 12 ft long

rkjmd, are you seven feet tall and play in the post against other 7 foot 250 lb guys that are trying to box you out? Strength matters, ESPECIALLY at the 5 spot.

"... trying to box you out? Strength matters, ESPECIALLY at the 5 spot."

yes strength matters, no bench press isn't a measure of how well you will box out and rebound

sovann, it's an indication of overall strength. Purists of any sport will always argue technique is all you need but the fact remains that athletes run professional sports.

Golfers were bragging about how it's a technical sport for thinkers and then Tiger came in with his 400 lb bench press COMBINED with technique and made them his bitch.

Baseball fans argue mechanics are what make great players but the best players are guys like Pujols and Arod....freak athletes.

Oden is more prepared for an 82 game season. Having a great bench isn't the biggest factor but if all other things were equal (which they aren't since Oden raped Durant in just about every category) I'll take the guy repping it 10 or more times over the guy who is strangling on the bar.

"Having a great bench isn't the biggest factor but if all other things were equal (which they aren't..."

looks like we agree.

do they measure how quickly someone jump and re jump?
i think that would be a good indicator of rebounding a shot blocking.

Alex English probably couldn't bench 150 pds,Iceman,maybe 160,but look at the players they were,i can bench 250,and even memphis don't want me :(

iirc Yao could not bench 180 but can now bench 300

OK I remember what Shaq looked like when he joined the league but there is no way he could NOT not bench 180 lbs.

Last guy that was supposed to be a star that couldn't get 185 lbs up was Robert Swift, fellas...

THINK ABOUT THAT if you're right, Durant is "supposed" to be a star but because he couldn't bench 185 he won't pan out...okey dokey